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Be it life in the shadows or highlights, the stillness or the movement… the experience of energy  is there. There is a rhythm to all things. I feel it. And it draws me in.
Every image has a life of its’ own. How I work with/dance with an image is defined by the elements within it. There is no formula. With years of handling a medium format camera with rolls of film combined with years in darkrooms to create custom color prints and salon quality black & white prints, I realized that how I ‘see’ was developed and changed. That critical eye influences the final feel of my work. I prefer to print my own work when I can.
After picking up a digital camera, with the ability to immediately view the captured image of a moment, my creative inner ‘eye’ opened up even more. The capture is step one. The post-processing in the computer is step two. The paper or material an image is then printed on is the third.
The visual arts are ever changing. This is so truly tremendously exciting to me!


Mary Catherine Rollo is a Shreveport, Louisiana resident. Born in Japan and once called a “Yankee Child” by her Mother after having lived in the north and northeastern portions of the U.S for over 15 years, her path circled back here to be with family.
As a professional photographer for over 20 years throughout the U.S., she studied with various master photographers through the Professional Photographers of America, WINONA School of Professional Photography, the New England Institute for Professional Photography and various regional seminars. Rollo also taught seminars in Portraiture and Large Portrait Sales in Arizona; wedding photography in New Hampshire and Rhode Island, as well as, was a guest speaker at the Arkansas Professional Photographers Annual Convention.
After a ten year hiatus from photography, Mary Catherine in now finds vast creative joy in the field of digital photography and computer software. She is a Roster Artist with the Shreveport Regional Arts Council.
Her work is seen throughout the Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and New Zealand with commercial work for companies in Louisiana, Texas and Sweden. Her photography has been published in Drummer Magazine out of the UK; the Shreveport Times; Forum News; SB Magazine and Heliopolis. Speaking engagements locally include Works In Progress, a Tipitina’s Music Co-op workshop and as a guest on the Ross Foote Red River Radio program.
Rollo’s 64 foot mural in on display on Common Street as part of a curated group of twelve artists featured to beautify the Shreveport Common area. Her photographic art hangs on display in numerous private collections, as well as, public – the VOA McAdoo Home, Noble Savage Tavern, Shreveport Regional Arts Council and others. Solo exhibitions in Shreveport since 2015 included “Living Art” in the Artspace Coolspace Gallery; the Highland Table Restaurant; and “Louisiana Naturally – Music and Beauty” in the Noble Savage Tavern; and The Levee Restaurant.  Discipline exhibitions have included numerous Critical Mass juried art exhibitions at Artspace in Shreveport, Artists Entrepreneurial Exhibitions, Local Savages invitational exhibitions, Common Culture Week and various others.
THE LINK exhibition and App launched in conjunction with the Shreveport Commons and the Shreveport Regional Arts Council features Rollo’s work documenting historic buildings including The Strand Theatre, Calanthean Temple, B’nai Zion Temple, Scottish Rite Cathedral and the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium.
Currently in the works are solo projects: a new collection of art called “A New Leaf”; “Reflected Reality” collection and a studio/cityscape project titled “Black, White and Color”. Date and locations of exhibitions to be announced.