Anatomically and aesthetically and politically correct

Cleavage, but hide it beneath a turtleneck

Youthful and bright and bathed in sunlight

Your highest points showcased in a glowing spotlight

But then cooler tones reveal hollowed cheekbones

And threaten to shame the silhouette of your frame

You, self-assured yet eternally humble

You, strong yet ready and willing to crumble

Smart, but don’t you dare try to think for yourself

We have a system in place and it’s working so well

Creative, but stick to what it is that you’re taught

Thoughtful, so thoughtful, but maybe limit those thoughts?

And if your thinking starts edging outside of the box

Shove it back in and keep your pretty legs crossed

Excuse each word that may slip from the perfect pout of your lips

Because after all, you’re no more than your tits and your hips

Hips that carry your past, your body, and our future

With fine little lines that ought to be smoother

And remember, you, girl! Don’t you dare show too much

Of just what it is you are capable of