Men in black suits

pull-up in In black cars

yeye’s  garden sprouts anti-monsanto sentiments

these men are convinced that yeye

is a threat to our national health

they vehemently recite the same script to every man and woman on both sides of the block

Mrs. Julia Henry    also known as Yeye Lumumba

 is practicing medicinal healing with food                        yet she has no license

She has no medical degree          no true plant knowledge     and so         only someone

as unstable in their thoughts as this old woman

would believe

that food should replace pills

 the men say  that yeye has committed crimes against monsanto

and anyone found to be consorting with her will also earn a spot on the government watch list

they warn       her crimes will not go unpunished

 she is a modern day witch-a heretic

she has conjured in the vicinity of a city block an insatiable appetite

for organic fruits and vegetables

she has cast a spell on your children and from her cauldron of lies

she has forged their taste buds against corner store juice

drinks full of nutritional high fructose  corn syrup

 fortified with all the vitamins and minerals their systems need     at this ripe age of frivolity

and what has she given them in return     these beautiful black butterflies







Ivy gourd

and green juices sweetened  with agave

I bet you never heard of agave before Mrs. Henry and her sorcery thrust it down your throats

she has made everyone among you         you good christian shoppers

fall victim to her paganistic hijinks

think about how care-free life was for YOU

 before she told you to avoid the foods sanctioned by your government

Mrs. Henry has fed you the monsanto conspiracy             when in actuality

genetically modified just means we are God’s  kitchen elves

in our laboratory workshop we exist       solely

to take some of the worry off the man upstairs                                 so he can focus

on bigger issues                   like preventing nuclear weaponry from greasing enemy palms


between every smile and head nod the men in black suits shake hands with neighbors

neighbors     who one by one  fill trash bins autographed by the FDA

 with fruits and vegetables

 foregone offerings         from yeye’s garden

after having successfully brainwashed the neighbors      the men in black suits

refocus their attention     on us

 they rob and pillage the earth that once was yeye’s garden

stripping naked the harvest grown by yeye’s  hands

and my hands

and my brother’s hands

then one of them smiles and squats down to whisper    to us children

that safety    first and foremost is the role of the government     and

if brother and I are to grow up big and strong we must eat foods blessed by the FDA

then he squeezes a tomato until it bleeds back into the earth from whence it came

and foully    he cuts his eyes across the shadow of yeye’s dying garden

while his comrades gleefully season    ravaged blotches     of pubic greenery     with salt

a whole row of tomatoes and kale are forced     to give up the ghost

 these unsanitary guerilla gardens are un-american     old woman

they are  communist manifestos

embarking on the plight of an untelevised revolution            one that will not

see the light of day

this soil        this earth     is crawling with an infestation of deep-seated toxins

if you attempt to grow again you will face prison time     ten years      old woman

and take my word for it    this earth will face a solemn violation

we will return with the open mouth of a cement mixer

closing off your crimes once and for all     and you old woman

will watch     the final curtain call     for this     community garden of yours

in the same breath that the engine of the lead car is revved

    he exclaims     SHE IS A GREENHOUSE TERROIST

all the while     his comrades     bade him

to leave the ninety five year-old great grandmother to break

as all brittle objects do under extreme pressure     but yeye

 looks at my brother and me

and whispers

my bombs little ones    are laced     with shrapnel pellets of organic shit

straight from the backside

 of those three german shepherds     sleeping under my kitchen table

I will keep growing    like the anti-american backslider I am

And when I can’t grow     when these hands cannot shatter a path though cement

I will die     a woman     I will die A WOMAN


unable to be genetically modified

by  man’s


de    evolution