What does this statue say?
My mother says it speaks of my ancestors,
Who fought for their beliefs to their graves.
Your mother says that it brags
About making your ancestors slaves.
What does this statue say?
Some say it commemorates history;
Others say it celebrates misery.
What does this statue say?
This statue really says nothing,
For it is made of silent stone.
Any meaning attributed to it
Comes from within our minds alone.
No matter what side you stand on
As we gather here today,
I won't tell you what to think,
But this is what I say-
We need to know where we come from
Whether it is pleasant or not,
Especially when what is remembered
Is something we'd rather say we forgot.
There will always be some people
Insisting history is uniquely their own,
And listening to anyone else's account
Amounts to an attack on their home.
If you find yourself not in agreement,
Don't just keep shouting that they're wrong,
Seek out what you have in common,
Try to find ways to get along.
Every one of us is a person
With stories of sadness and love,
No family tree is perfect,
Leaves of shame fall from proud branches above.
So while we are all discussing
Whether or not this statue should last,
Be sure you are loving your neighbor,
Please remember that today is the future's past.