Overview (274 Page Nonfiction)

While in West Africa, five Americans go to a restaurant to order a pot of pepper soup. The waiter realizes he's serving a group of Westerners; so he returns with 5 bowls of soup, 5 napkins, 5 cups of water, and 5 spoons. Five Africans go to the same restaurant to order the same pot of pepper soup, this time the waiter knows they are Africans and returns with a single (1) giant bowl of soup to be shared, five sacks of water and 2 cups to be shared, 1 towel instead of napkins to be shared, and 3 spoons to be shared. This is the beauty and camaraderie of the African culture, behavior and attitude, but it's also a nightmare when trying to stop a killer virus working its way through social interaction. (Note: In West Africa almost all soups are referred to as pepper soup. Sack of Water is similar to a bottle of water except stored in a plastic sandwich like bag)

This American author (Dr. Raymond Youngblood, Jr.) is unique and captures real life scenarios, in real time. His background, upbringing and profession give him the unique perspective to compare Africa vs America. Dr. Youngblood actually lives in West Africa, and was conducting business in the exact location where the FIRST OUTBREAK of the EBOLA virus occurred. He was on the ground when the Minster of Health delivered the first suspicion of a virus problem to the President of Liberia; prior to the dates recorded by the CDC and WHO. The Minster of Health, a national politician, and Dr. Youngblood met, discussed and began dissecting types of outbreak factors; like poverty and culture. Notably, while on a mining scouting trip deep in the jungle, Dr. Youngblood personally treated several villagers with the exact symptoms of Ebola. Since it was three years before an official notice of the deadly virus, no one could be certain what it was they were dealing with.

It's said that no other American or Westerners knows Africa or South America the way this the author does. He is widely accepted to know the cultural bridge linking Africa to the West. His African family and friends range from the poorest villagers, government officials, the elites, to the chiefs and elders and, royal families. Dr. Youngblood is a Paramount Chief, an honor not customarily given to Americans, in the Republic of Liberia. He has the unique experience of having hands-on connections to those in the rural areas mostly affected by viruses.

Virus Wars author stands out from so called experts who regurgitate EBOLA VIRUS information from the news or the Internet. He's not like other so called experts who go to West Africa for a few days, return to America labeling themselves an Ebola expert. Nor is he anything like the anxious and suspicious conspiracy theorists guessing about the root causes of the deadly disease. This true expert, gains his knowledge from living on-ground, spending 90% of his time living in West Africa (Liberia, Sudan, Ghana, Uganda) and South America.

Dr. Youngblood does an excellent job of clearly explaining the disconnect between the United States government and the West African Nations (i.e. Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea…) Governments, providing the cause of a problems as well as the strength to be tapped into. He explains the detachment between the social and cultural lifestyle of the American citizens, naturalized Americans from Africa, Westerners in general versus the West Africans and Africans. There's an obvious disconnect! It's a contributing factor to controlling this virus!

He goes into such intricate detail that many times his information sits on the line of discrimination, rudeness, and hard to believe. But if you know this man, you know he is a straight talker with a no nonsense approach. In order to understand how, when, and where the virus is spreading you must know some basic, but critical facts that literally getting overlooked and no real attention.

Read Virus Wars Cure vs Culture and understand from actual facts, real life experiences, and a unique perspective not commonly given a platform in this scramble to understand the killer Ebola challenge facing the world.