Visions of our past encircle my head like a wreath.
I lose breath at the thought of you…
Of how we were when once connected,
Like jigsaw puzzle pieces with jagged edges
We were part of two different landscapes, but we fit together

No man, no time, no space 
Did we ever allow to define us
We lived, moved, breathed on our own terms
Defying all odds, defying all
Man-made  perceptions of how we should be

A beautiful creation….you endowed me
Your smooth, chocolate skin made my eyes dance
Your touch, your warmth , your intellect
Enlivened my senses and seeped into my veins
Causing a natural high that was hard to come down from
Holistic medicine.

Then you infiltrated my heart
Charging en masse through my soul
As if in the Battle of Amiens.
With your womanizing tactics and no holds barred mentality 
You chose to exprobate my life

I forgive you.
Just know that the wounds you inflicted
Have been covered with a tougher epidermis.
I no longer yearn for you…
Instead…I pray for you
My ugly beautiful.