NWLA Makerspace Newsletter Article: 

             During our fantastic visit at The Thingery at LA Tech, we learned quite a bit about what a Makerspace is capable of and what it can include to help both the potential and professional makers of our community. With Kathryn and Kyle as our hosts, we learned a bit about the tech and tools they had available, about the different processes of creation, and how to take a creation to the next professional level.

                Seeing all of the different tools and equipment The Thingery uses for its creators, we  gained a pretty sizable wishlist for possibilities in our future. From various power tools for sculpting and sizing creations to more advanced tools like laser cutters and design departments with Wacom tablets, we saw a lot of interesting ways to make and create.
                The most unique aspect of The Thingery has to be its setup with their EAP (Entreprenurial Accelerator Program) which helps guide a creator in making their work into a product available to the market. For more information regarding the EAP, be sure to check out the links below for more details. Thanks again to Kathryn and Kyle for inviting us and hope we can give the NWLA maker's community as much of a resource as you guys give to LA Tech.