The Universal Supreme Court of Justice :

There is no man alive that can sit on THE UNIVERSAL SUPREME COURT of JUSTICE. The bench of this court is sat upon by the Spiritual Powers that rule and  govern  universal law in this universe. This court  addresses issues concerning universal problems and disputes. It  addresses the destruction, mess and confusion created on Earth  by man and mankind. This court monitors the discourse on Earth. It renders solutions which correct the wrong doing and imparts justice on issues that a mere man cannot understand. This court is a check and balance for man and mankind.

Negro Descendants of Slaves kidnapped and brought to  America VS The Founding Fathers of the United States of America

Opening Argument:

It is apparent by reading the skillfully and beautifully crafted US Declaration of Independence along with the US Constitution that the crafters of these great papers were scholars and men of worldly understanding and knowledge.  These men were not ignorant nor without knowledge of the Negro’s, the  Moors or other African nations that had impacted and saved  Europe during the Dark Ages  (approximately during the years of 500 to 1000).
The Dark Races of people brought culture and civilization to the Barbaric Caucasus Tribes that invaded Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire.

The exclusion of the Negros  (Dark Race) in the US Constitution was the beginning of the 1st known case of identity theft.  In the US  Constitution it states that all men were created equal and afforded liberty, justice and the right to pursue happiness and freedom. It gave these rights to all men except the Negros.
It gave all nationalities of people a chance to live a free life in America . It gave everybody but Negros the right to the pursuit of liberty and justice . It  excluded the Negros brought to The US in cargo ships like livestock. It gave the right to other European inhabitants of the United States to treat Negros as animals or livestock.

These scholars created a country that was to be built on White Supremacy and Negro servitude. The language in this document also propagated the false teaching of that era concerning the Holy Bible. The crafters of the US Constitution were scholars not potato farming peasants from Ireland.

This document which is required teaching at public schools as well as accredited private schools suggests that Blacks would be considered as  3/5’s of a person. This train of thought suggests that Negros were sub human and not equal to any other species of man. This train of thought continued without challenge until the 1960’s in the USA. 

The Supreme Court of the United States of America interprets law based on what was the intent of the Founding Fathers. As we bare that fact in mind, knowing what the U S Constitution states it is easy to conclude that from the  beginning until now the right to all the amenities promised in the Constitution was not and is not today afforded to the Negros. This train of  was overtly the law of the land until the end of the civil war in 1864. It wasn’t until Civil Rights Act of 1964 that Negros were given full access to all the opportunities that the US Constitution afforded all men.

With the judgment of this matter concluding that a egregious and horrible act was committed toward the Negros and their descendants thereafter.  It is also concluded that the Scholarly Founding Fathers of the United States of America also deceived the peasants and unlearned Europeans who also inhabited this country. These people where deceived that they were superior to the Negro. The crimes of the Founding Fathers  had led their own people to  treat Negros as if they were sub human without the feelings of a human.

The Founding Fathers of the United States of America should also be charged with deceiving and leading their own people into wickedness through wicked acts against the Negros. The crimes of the Founding Fathers are countless  and crimes against humanity. Here now 401 years after this atrocity they are considered dead and can not assume responsibility for their actions, however; in the Court of the Supreme Universal Justice physical death is irrelevant.

As it is known, the United States of America built her world economic leadership power during the slavery period. This system of oppression created mass wealth for individuals, families and corporations. The world sat back idle and appeased this treatment of the Negros.  Any country, people or place which has received U.S. financial support  is a beneficiary of the horrors of the Negro  slaves. A further slap in the face to Negro population in the U.S. was the the cancelling of reparations promised to them. This act was the nail in the coffin supporting and confirming the White Supremacy intention  that  the United States of America was founded on.  Congress  even allocated  cash subsidies to the already rich slave owners for their loss of free labor.

The lack of any financial retribution to the Negros only created a poor impoverished uneducated people whom were to be exploited  and oppressed further in their free lives.  A people in this land  with no generational wealth, land or capital to begin their lives in this land of the free.

What should have been done. What  could have been done or what can be done now are thoughts without answers. The damages done to this
Nationless people are beyond measure.

The question also arises of what should have been done to the original perpetrators of this crime. It also raises another question concerning the spoils generated from the conquest of the Negros.

The United States of America has paid Japan and Japanese people reparations for dropping the Atomic bomb on civilians during World War 2. Also the U.S. was instrumental  leading the way for the White  Jews to be financially compensated by Germany for the inhumane treat of the White Jew population there during World War 2 .

The White Supremacy ideology of the U.S.  has been blatantly exhibited by its actions and inactions.

No court  sat on by men can hear or rule on this case. This is a case that only The Supreme Universal Court of Justice can bring justice were justice is deserved as well show blessing where they need be

Money cannot pay for the  souls that were spiritually lost nor can pay for the souls that were cleverly stolen. 

The most prominent and egregious act of  implementating White Supremacy onto Negro’s was the loss of traditional Negro culture, ideology and self worth. This act was done as subtle as the serpent charming his prey and striking with a deadly force. The final erosion and indoctrination of the Negro into  walking in living Hell came as Negros integrated into the White European way of life. Negro’s adapted the White Supremacy mentality into their conscious reality which resulted in the loss of their unconscious innate ability to follow the laws of the Universal Supreme Natural Laws of Life on Earth…


Ron Hardy

Published by Utopia West Creations 2020