The Umbrella Tree Explained

Posted by Vulnadia on Apr 24, 2009 at 01:09 PM

This ran through my mind last night while I was trying to sleep.

Forgive the silly rhyme, it’s just the way it wanted to be written and we all know that these things write themselves and are born of mischief!

That old Umbrella tree was no spring chicken when I played jungle under it some 33 years ago.

It still stands today, in the daughter of its original owners home, growing quietly in the corner of her living room, near those very same said slipper chairs.

She said she had been trying to move it for years, but it has grown so large and heavy that she could not.

Kaiden of course had no trouble tumping it over and moving it a few feet for her!

It was eerie because she said at first it looked like me playing under there and a part of her took it as natural and an everyday occurrence as it once was when I was a child. Ah the memories we have of our youth!

Two pieces broke off cleanly when Kai tumped it and are now busily trying to root in my laundry room.

If I am lucky, I will have a sister tree to the original that I once played under in hopes that one day, I too will have my own mammoth tree to play under!

Maybe, just maybe, if I am lucky, Frances and I will sit together and marvel over my own grandchildren playing under that same Umbrella Tree!

Apologies if I appear sappy or sentimental, it's only that it was one of my favorite childhood things to do when visiting Ms Mary & Calhoun's house as a child.

And now, maybe, just maybe, I will have a memory of my own to pass on to my own children in the form of this tree, if not its rhyme!

~Mimi Rankin Webb

04/2009 & in Gannett newspapers nationally as well as in Gannett parenting publications nationally.