Four centuries ago on August 21,1619 the Dutch slave ship “Jesus of Lubeck docked at Jamestown. The cargo was Negro slaves from the West coast of Africa. The last known slave ship was the “Clotilda” which arrived in Mobile Bay sometime in 1860. Between those dates Slave ships docked up and down the east coast of America which was a newly discovered land to the European settlers. The ships were filled with Negro slaves abducted from the West coast of Africa.

This was the beginning of a 400 year ordeal of chantel slavery, injustice, poverty and disrespect. This period of Negro history can be called “The Punishment of the Negro Nation”. The next era after the 400 year ordeal will be called the Redemption of the Negro.
The Negros plight and experiences in America have often been described as living inside the belly of the beast. If you know the story of the Trojan Horse, apply that mode of subterfuge which the Greeks used to infiltrate and destroy
Troy. However, before the victory Negros were forced to pay a 400 year debt to their God but assured by their God that if they remained true to HIM through their peril they would be redeemed, exonerated and restored to their original glory. As it was written 2/3 of the Negros would be destroyed and would not be included into the Redemption of the Negros back to Royalty. At this present day in 2020 401 years after the gallows of the slave ships were opened and Negros set foot on this strange new land. The implosion of the White European culture and rulership of America looks imminent. As it is written the elect remnant of the Negro slaves brought to America would regain their prominence, respect and return to their rightful place in the new world.

The Negros remained in hard core chattel slavery until April of 1864 without any of the rights afforded to the White European settlers or any other nationality of people that arrived in this new land called America. In 1864 Negros gained semi-freedom from their ordeal. They were released from hard core chantal slavery but still were subjugated and subservient to the White Europeans and the other groups that had  migrated to America. The  blacks  and whites were segregated to their own racial communities. The  Negro Cultural heritage was embedded in their DNA and shared through spoken word along with exhibited behavior. Tbe negative social and moral behaviors were learned and embedded in the mindset of Negro’s through the perils of their subjugation and later their integration into the mainstream White European way of life.

In the late 1960’s through a  intense social demand for racial justice Negros and  Whites were forced to integrate.  This all sounded great at the time ; however,  the integration of Negros into the White European social,  cultural and moralistic value system  caused havoc and Cultural identity loss for the Negros. As  Negros began integrating into  sports, entertainment, politics, religion and  educational  institutions along with other social activities of the European White community, this was the turning point in the loss of inherited innate Negro culture that was embedded in them prior to their arrival in America. 

During the following 60 years adjacent to the civil rights movement leading up to 2019 throughout the 1970’s, 80’s , 90’s, 2000’s into 2019 Negro cultural family life, moralistic  code, and spiritual value system eroded  and dissolved into a psuedo White European way of life.

During this period there was a segment of the Negro population that rejected or was not privy to this transformation of culture and mindset. They were often vilified and uneducated as they remained  in the heart of the Negro Ghettos.  Cheap slave labor was resurrected through mass incarceration of these Negros into jails and prisons. This new code of conduct established by integrated America adopted by ambitious Negros did not penetrate the mindset nor and set well with all Negros.  As it was written after the 400 years of slavery, the remnant of the elect Negros would not fall into the mindset and customs of their captors. On August 21, 2019 the incubation period would begin as the Redemption of the Lost Nation would be activated through Divine spirit powers .

As now today in October 2020 history is being written and recorded for generations to come, we watch the Trojan Horse senerio being played out. Negros are now released from the 400 years slavery imposed on them by their God.

The Negros who were brought to this land via the gallows of European Slave ships are now free to claim their dignity, inheritance and place of leadership in the world. The future history of America will reveal the next episode of this Redemption of the Negro  Nation through the Trojan Horse strategy. The God of the Negro’s is the master in the art of warfare and a lover of peace and harmony. The Trojan Horse strategy implemented via the Trojan Ship methodology

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