This following email correspondence reveals the typical mindset of Southern White Gentleman as it relates to extraordinary feats performed by Black men. It reveals that suppression is the new oppression here in the South.

Email from a Prominent Shreveport Dentist Pertaining to Extraordinary Medical Feat:

I treated ron hardy in 2006 when he came to me looking for dentures. At the time he had most of his teeth in his mouth, but was suffering from advanced gum disease. He said he wanted all of his teeth extracted without anesthesia. I thought he was crazy, but agreed to try the procedure his way. He came in and I removed 10 teeth with no anesthesia of any kind. It was one of the most difficult procedures I’ve ever done, not because the extractions were difficult but because I know I was hurting him and I did not want to do that. After the procedure, he gathered himself for a few minutes and then left. Ill never forget that day.


Greetings Dr. XXXX

Thank you for your email.
As you may or not recall, I did mention to you that I studied Creative Visualization and Transcendental Meditation in the 80’s under Master teachers. I was able to hypnotize myself and leave my body. I felt no pain at all. It is the practice of Masters in my faith.

I remember you saying that you had seen a woman who was hypnotized have teeth removed without any anesthesia. What we did that day was no different except I hypnotized myself for the procedure.

The feat of having my teeth removed naturally brought me to another level in my quest for oneness in body, mind and spirit. I was elevated to a higher level in my walk with God.

Thank you again for your participation.


Greetings Dr. XXXX,

This is my Northwest Louisiana (SRAC ) artist page. You can see who I am as a writer, visual artist, musician and a man.

I hope this will give you a better insight into who you treated that day in 2006.

I’m so sorry that you felt any anxiety doing the procedure. I felt none. I knew I could do it, Thanks.


Ron Hardy


The thing which stands out in my mind and offends me the most is the way he devalued my faith along with my mental and physical abilities. I requested a statement from him to use in my memoirs. It clearly suggests he devalued this spiritual act as well as the man performing it. I question his motives for diminishing the value of this accomplishment by a lone man who walked into his office. I submit this question directly to you. I ask you, ” Was this ordinary.” If this type of extraordinary procedure was featured at a National Dentist conference which he attended in Boston, why now when he performed the same procedure without the help of a third party hypnotist it was the act of a crazy man? Why did he diminish this act of faith and courage? I contend if this feat had be attempted and completed by a random White man his reporting and documenting of the procedure be more admirable and respectful. As I see it, this act was news worthy or in the least worthy enough to be written or spoken of with respect. This act fulfilled my quest to elevate to the next level in my faith and walk with God. I don’t wear dentures, implants or any other dental prosthetics. My missing teeth are a badge of honor for this incredible feat performed in my faith and belief in God. I successfully was elevated to the next level in my walk with the Almighty YAH the God and author of the Holy Bible. I did drive myself home after the procedure was finished.

The devaluation of accomplishments fulfulled by Black men lives on in Shreveport which is the last Capital of the Confederacy. As the phrase “THE SOUTH SHALL RISE AGAIN” it is still envisioned and dreamt of by many who live here as well as echoed across the south and the rest of the USA. I’ve personally myself heard and seen this sentiment represented internationally as well.

Ron Hardy

Published by Utopia West Creations 2020