The River

The river does not follow an organized route. 

It may take years for a grain of sand to make a trip to the sea.

Sometimes it gets caught up in the eddies, swirling around to a different part of the stream. 



Once in a while, it is returned to a previous point.

The grain will experience many different things on it journey. 

It will jump from current to current, following another grain and be followed.



The river knows no formula. 

Sometimes it may go fast, other times slow.

Taking the grain with it as it makes its way to the sea. 

It is consistently in erratic motion. 




But in the end, it will empty into the sea.

Its course has been run; the grain will go forth and become part of the sea.

Where it goes no one can guess.

Where it has been, only the grain knows.



The grain, in its travels, had seen many different things, most ordinary.

It has followed others as others had followed it.

Maybe it had been a part of something special.

Maybe even something fantastic. 


But it lived a very normal life.


For a grain of sand.