Shades of purples, oranges, blues and pinks!

Sounds of yellow jackets, and of what,

Smells of a hand full of carnations of heavily yellowed aroma.

The sweet taste of honey suckle, while being mosquito bitten.

The scent of freshly picked chrysanthemums.

I’m comfortably elated with this blanket of warmed night.

It’s accompanied by a lightly whispered breeze.

Everything is in the rhythm of growing.

Slightly shedding from pollinating.

Watered from the ever so kissed mist of a dew of rain, that landed quietly on the petals of a rose, in the garden that I pruned. Then, it slid gently down the hydrated stem to infiltrate the soaked swollen blades of grass, where I stood.

Breath taken, but most of all heavenly to take in.

Anything that you show love, and lots of it.

Will respond by growing positively.

A chance to flourish and thrive.

An opportunity to live life to the fullest, a second time. Bigger, better, new heights you reached for. That’s what we do, when we begin to show each other, real attention and unconditional love.

© Alisha Williams 2011