So this flower says to me this morning , in a thick Bronx New York accent,   
"Hey kid, hows about not steppin on my aunt Lilly."
Me: Wow! aren`t you beautiful, hmm…"the life of a flower".. Nice.
Flower: Hey my friend it aint been easy. I started out as a tinny seed. I`ve been blown around, flushed, and evicted outta every place i`ve ever tried to put my roots down. Once I spent an entire three summas as a seed in the bed of a truck," A TRUCK!!" I thought i`d be popped corn. Let me tell ya friend, my life aint been a daisy of days.
Me: Wow! I had no idea. Well now you have put your roots down life is better yeah?
Flower: life is a struggel everyday kid. I get three months of my life to praise my creator, enjoy the sun, rain, and watch the little ones sprout. My time starts from the dirt bottoms,I keep looking up my whole life. I dont dwell in any moments or situations and as rough as it is… would i do it all over? You betcha in the drop of a peddel. I tell my self my whole reason for creation could be for this very moment. Weather i get picked up and moved, or eatin by a wacky grasshopper. Its only worth the effort i put into it.
Me: Talk about a lesson in life, I dont think i`ll ever look at it the same.
Flower: Well, my works done here, u could pick me, maybe i could bring a smile to someone you know. Or let em know how special they are.
Me: How about i just share our discussion with the people I care about. Mind if I take your picture?
Flower: Works for me kid, make sure ya get my good side will ya?
Me: Sure thing flower. 
Funny thing is, the little pink flower shared with me was, his whole seedlind life he thought he`d bloom into a violet.