It was time for Fat Tuesday

You know what that means?

There were hundreds of celebrations

Throughout ole’ New Orleans

Between two Krewes

Great rivals stood tall

Parading at the front

For the Barkus and Meoux Ball!

There was whoopin’ and hollerin’

Jazz all around

The big bands so loud

You could feel your heart pound!

The floats rolled to a stop

The bands lowered their sound

The time had arrived

When all gathered ‘round

With a purring CATCOPHONY

Drums began to beat!


Of cats in the street!

They arched and swished tails

There was no time to waste!

For THIS was a dance off,

They needed first place!

SUDDENLY Poodles and Poms marched into the Square!

Bulldogs and Bostons twirled through the air!

Canines balanced on statues, jumped to the ground

The dance off was impressive,

But, there was one more round…

Suddenly in the silence: smoke and a spark!

A flame quickly lit: she emerged from the dark!

Miss Marie Laveau

Sat calmly in her chair

She would be the judge

To ensure the dance was fair

The Royalty of Meoux

Stepped into the street

Stood in plié

Pointed their feet

They leapt! They turned!

Flexible as only felines could be

The cat ballet concluded

As they did pirouettes with glee!

Her royal highness of canines

Stepped into the Square

Clasped her paws and paused….

It was dramatic and with flair!

CLAP! CLAP! She twirled

CLAP! CLAP! She spun

Guitar strings strummed

Her skirts stilled; she was done!

The Flamenco performance was exquisite and true…

Now the crews waited, who would Laveau choose!?

Miss Laveau held her palm wide

The dancers all watched…

What did her hand hide?

A gasp rippled through the Square

For in fact there were both

A Barkus and Meoux heir!

The crowd roared approval

Krewes danced into the night

Celebrations continue to this day,

They would no longer fight!

What did this night mean?

Now both Krewes had won?

In that moment, the Krewes combined…

And ever since…

Have been one.