It stood as if the whole forest made orbit around The Great Pine.
I gazed in aew looking up into its beauty.The braches reached out into the space it cast over. Vast and great was its mass and as the breeze whispered threw its needels.
The Great Pine began a story,
Of a time not long ago, when people wore pajamas and lived life slow.
Come get comfortable and settel in my friend, It was a time just before the air blew cold and warm again.
Just as it fell, the last cone from its pine, a life began in its beset time.
Placed in it`s spot by The Mother of Nature.

Released form the limb not far from the tip, it took a great fall and even a flip.
As it landed with a light clumpity thud,right next to Miss Rosebush she was just about to bud.
She wispered "thats a fine spot my little gift from above, you came in so fast i hope you came with love"
As a month or two pass little less could he see the little cone cried out, "what is to be of me!"
All covered up whithout a peep of light, this storie not over the end far from sight.
As only time pass almost forgotten to be
a fresh rain came down and brought a swamp over he.
Now cold and wet for what felt like forever.
This time felt frozen like he`d be herd from never.
As the Spring came in so warm and devine "little pine cone" the Sun called out "Now is your time".
As he picked threw the dead leaves amazed at the Sun he looked at his limb and said "What have this done!"
A voice deep and strong came down from above, "These are your needles my piney friend, a gift from above"
In the darkness of places, in the coldness of time, we must remember to grow and flurish we must first be planted.
Sometimes in dirt, sometimes in grime.

Even some take a great fall to be set into place.