The Gift of Sight

Some of us were born with the gift of sight. There are some of us who lose the gift of sight whether it be from life's mishaps or because of a physical illness, and last but not least, there are some of us who were born without the gift of sight. 

So for those of us that have it, please do not take for granted all the beautiful creations of God. He has allowed your precious eyes to look upon and encounter all the things of beauty around us. So please, please remember the less fortunate when we witness the changes of the seasons or when we withness the beauty of a child being born. Being able to walk around without fear of hurting yourself is something that should be valued. Not everyone is able to see well enough to walk from one point to another. 

Be careful when we say "I'm going blind" or "I can't see a thing", knowing that it isnt true, because God hears all as well as he sees all. So be thankful for the sight that we have and God bless us. 


– Willie Harris