Your hair of fiery silken threads flows about your milky white skin.

Midnight chimes as moonbeams dance against misty shades of gray.

Seductively, you lay upon sheets of the blackest night.

Your body bare of all this world’s constraints is caressed by a gentle breeze of perfume scents that send your mind on an erotic journey of passion and pleasure.

Emerald eyes filled with fire and mystery compliment your innocent smile and childlike stare as they hold only I in their grasp.

An outstretched hand of lilly-white is a spell I cannot resist.

To drink of your blood-red lips and drown forever in your eyes is the only cure to ease my pain.

Hues of gray mist cloud my vision of paradise as I move forward and my beloved image fades.

Knowing it was all a dream, a sadness grips my heart.

As I swallow it from my throat I know, to live in that reality, I would never need dream again.