There is a difference between you and me.  I know that if we both cut our skin, red blood will flow.  Tell me, what’s the first thing you do in preparing for a road trip?

Car gassed up-check,

clothes packed-check


and off you to the wild blue yonder.  You see I have to consider what towns I will pass through and where it is safe for me to stop and pee.  You say, “Why do you place so much emphasis on your black skin?”  I say, “You made it so.”  I am cognizant each and every day of my surroundings.  I am not joyous when I see a cop or get pulled over.  I don’t know if I will survive or be the next George Floyd or Sandra Bland.  I may have the right to go into any restaurant, but I don’t because I am still feared and hated in this great land called AmeriKKKa.  If our president won’t denounce White Supremacy, who will?  He’s supposed to represent all Americans, but we are once again hanging in the balance for our lives.  We can’t even protest in peace with people like the P-Boys taking matters in their own hands.  Stand back and stand by, they are told.  You may called me paranoid but I know what the real deal is- Stay Woke and Be Vigilant.