Dear Black Gay Man,
We’ve been told we’re the bottom of the barrel, newspaper placed in the cat’s cage for the kitty litter, being told we’re foul and devalued by our sisters and brothers all because our love language doesn’t read from their same pages.

The older you get, the more you’ll see the less you of your fit and you’ll find yourself moving towards becoming a better you. Not understanding how important your small role is to the world growing and ever-changing.

You’ll discover some people see your light shining and have no idea of what it took for you to start winning, taking back all of the power you didn’t even know you had.
You demonstrate and protest that your first a black man, standing strong, proud and tall, being educated to make a difference in the lives of people around you.

You demonstrate and protest your second a gay man in your struggle of acceptance for love, freedom, and truth and learning to love yourself yes you.

So being a black gay man will not be just some label you wear, but a lifestyle that portrays dignity, integrity, and worthiness of the love you share with the world and letting the world giving it back to you.

Dear Black Gay Man