Quick! Somebody call 911. The Arts Council is on fire! The building blocks just won't sustain and the flames sure are getting high. Resuscitate, Emergency State, state your emergency, just don't let it die. It's where Artistry knocks, where opportunity serves its community, Our Elysian Fields, Our Sandbox. Where Art Rocks! Where Art shoots marbles, double dutches, and hops scotch. Just in case it burns to the ground, let the sirens sound! No fire can extinguish out status. Our Battalion Chief, our bunker gear and all apparatus. ALL engineered.  Even got a Mayor that's a vital player in how we've revitalized over the years. How about that! How Central Art can circle the heart……..How Commonlinks can be made from scratch. A fire to a flame , a flame to a match. All bags packed and ready to go! One monkey don't stop no show. It sets the stage…For an entire city to witness, Creative Placemaking and physical fitness to receive their accolades. A heroic act by the firefighters who fought to put out the blaze.. "FROM THE FIRE TO THE FIRESTATION." From a fallen foundation to a standing ovation.

    Just over the hills the Elysian Fields spring to a new day. A new landscape where Artistry can escape, live, work, and play. There's a piece of all of us in the sandbox. The Painter whose paint containers won't let him rest, the Poet whose love ballads can stop the malice, the Dancer whose brilliantly learned to ballet on her quest, the Muse that provides the music, the fan base that spreads the bass, the Institutions that use it, the Photographer that snaps the moment, the News Reporter that gets right on it, the Artisan whose only Partisan is their craft, the Board of Directors who serve as fuel injectors and do the math, the Storyteller that tells the crew…….well ….you……..you get the picture. Think and grow richer!

    I thought about a Poetic Paradise, Poetry sparkles at night. Opened my eyes and to my surprise, we were sparkling under the spotlight. Our old home was gone. Our rest and recovery was now the same luxury the Central Fire Station once sat on. Same building, different assembly. New rock forms, Artworks like Yosemite. Teamwork makes the dream work like a metaphor and a simile. Don't just take my word, see for yourself. Seats are unlimited, we got plenty Common ground left. A Farmers Market coming soon. A gateway to the city, a Sunset Gallery, and stairs to the upper rooms. Makes me feel like a kid again; A kid in the candy store. I got money to spend! More Red Hots to talk about, Lemon Drops on demand. More Hot Chocolate to pull out, plus a Red Hot sizzling Vision Plan.

    If you build it, they will come. A colorful and cultural community with open arms. How about that! How Central Art can circle the heart……How Commonlinks can be made from scratch. I assure! This is more than just a Hot Tour. It's living proof of the "New Era," Where Art reigns forever. In the center of all creation, there's a Center, where Recreation can enter….into "The Central Art Station.


Written by: POETIC X