The Beautiful Baby Vivienne's Very Wild Night

My baby girl has taken to waking up at night again, sometimes with reason, sometimes seemingly without. This night happened to be because she wasn’t interested in eating her dinner at dinnertime.

I am not sure if it was the teddy graham brigade that she consumed at tea-time, or that she was too busy ringing her little silver bell to bother to eat anything. I don’t THINK it was my cooking (at least I hope not.) Dinner was their favorite ham, cheese cubes, cup of veggies, and bits of tortilla. Bedtime is shortly after dinner at our house.

For whatever reason, we heard her destitute baby cry (the one developed when the air conditioning had gone out for that week and has yet to be phased out just yet.) It was about eleven. I tried the usual sippy cup of milk that usually quiets her down enough to go back to sleep, but this night was different. No milk for her, as she kept pushing that cup away.

I felt her tummy rumbling as she lay on my chest trying to get comfy, so I went ahead and brought her into the living room and handed her off to her daddy so that I could fix her a midnight snack of cubed ham.

Little Princess reveled in the fact that she was permitted to use Daddy’s lap in place of her feeding chair and was allowed to have her ham on a tiny plate held by Daddy Dear. Yes, he even fed her like it was bon-bon’s. She was milking this for all it was worth. 

After she picked through her ham, she insisted on fresh panties. She had conniption fits over getting to hold them while she was being changed. Then she refused to fork over her diaper. According to Vivie, this diaper was NOT intended to be used as panties, but it would make a nice hat.

My daughter prefers to wear her diaper on her head. It looks much like a renaissance gable hat, or something you would picture a puritan wearing. You have to place it on her head side-ways of course, which puts the little tabs on either side of her cheeks, looking much like they could be blinders of sorts. Just call her Prudence!

As if that wasn’t enough, she became enraptured with the show on television. It happened to be a video movie of “Siouxsie and the Banshees.” 

Before we realized what was going on, Vivie had hopped up from her throne (Daddy’s lap) and she began to dance. She grabbed the back of the couch for support as she started bouncing up and down. 

The song changed, and she began to sway back and forth in this convoluted “S” shape, much in the way the hippies danced on the Woodstock footage. Then she started wiggling her tiny hiny around in circles. We spent a good thirty minutes or so in hysterics watching her dance (hoping she would wear herself out and get sleepy!) 

She decided that she wanted her Daddy to take pictures of her dancing and started saying, “Take it! Take it!” and motioning towards husband’s cell phone that was on the table (did I mention that she loves to pose for cell-phone pictures?) Being totally enraptured with his baby girl, of course husband couldn’t turn her down. He now has many photos of baby girl boogying & vogue-ing her night away stored in his cell phone.

I finally was able to get her quieted down enough to put her back to bed. She insisted on wearing her “Hat” to bed and taking her little silver bell along with her. I suppose that’s a small price to pay for getting her back in bed. After all, maybe she is right. A diaper does make a stupendous hat….

first published September, 2008 and in subsequent Gannett publications locally & nationally including their parenting magazines.