Where are the actual factual statements on perpetual violence against blacks?

There are too many half-truths spread by the media and their misstatements.

The movement is blacked out on each station, as in understatements.

Under listless eyes and handicapped ears, no one gives a fuck.

You say, "guns don’t kill people, people kill people." So I guess we’re out of luck,

Because your people are killing my people. So drop that abatement and pick up this restatement:

Black lives matter too.

Now, let’s kick the debatement on who took a knee and disrespected our flag because liberty and justice for all? You’re mistaken.

No that’s not an overstatement.

Just open your eyes and see the regressive enslavement.

Protestors being silenced and attacked by dogs, while standing for our nation?



With false claims of liberty and no justice for all.

I’m sick of this damn nation, on a fast track to damnation because we seem to want to pick and choose those who win and lose.

I’m suffocating beneath this stagnation.

So please, raise your expectations.

When your neighbor asks you to listen, hear their explanations.

Hear his fear and her frustrations, because believe it or not, we’re diving headfirst into our extermination.