I fell asleep

I saw you reach out your hand

I grabbed it and as I rose from the bed

I saw my sleeping form still there

How could that be?

You took me higher and higher

I was not afraid

I was neither cold nor hot

Higher and higher still

We perched on a precipice and I began to see

All around me there were beings in battle

Light vs dark

Angels vs Demons

All were clad in armor 

there were clashes of swords

Fiery darts being extinguished 

Spears thrown and blocked by shields. 

I asked, “what is this.”

The reply came from within me

This was the battle for my soul and the Angels fighting the demons on my behalf. 

They were dispatched by I AM

To protect me, keep me and direct me

So I could fulfill the purpose for which I was born

He reached for my hand again

I felt myself fall back into my sleeping form

The next morning I rose with a new understanding. 

El Shaddai is always with me.