I used to wonder a lot..

Why I had never fit in.. 

Left outside of everything, I was alone with no friends.. 

My soul stayed asleep for 30+ years.. When I started to wake up

I had to shake so many fears..

I started remembering..

I’ve done a lot of this before.. 

As a child I called myself a mad scientist, for play, but never knew what for..

When I started purging my soul digging deeper within.. 

The less I felt left out of the box, because I have my own Circle to attend..

In the Abyss..

The place you go, when you let it all flow..

In my Abyss nothing is defined..

All I see are shapes, flashes and odd designs..

The ability to pull then into this realm sends chills down my spine..

I feel I have created them in another lifetime..

I don’t know all of me, yet..

I have barely scratched the surface..

I will just continue to create, because it’s My Soul’s Purpose..


Christina Smith