My eyes are upright-side left-down to themselves
I contain all they see
While I see anything, it contains all of nothing

I am as naive as the decay of atoms allows
I am no more than an apple midair
Beckoning the ground and slanting its slope

I am my vowel
My only
A word in itself

I need to take those clothes out of the dryer.

I can’t trip the emotions sensors
In this low-pitch darkness
In my chair

Clocks dizzy themselve
While books loft to and thru the ceiling tiles
In my air

Somewhere in the saline floats what I lack
I’ll never see beyond its varnish of my vision
The hunch in my back leads no closer to a conclusion

I need to take those noodles out of the microwave.

I can magnify the sand within the soil
I can magnify the sand within the soul
I can stress this enough

I can’t imprint a truth beyond my breath
I’ll exhale it into a deflated binding
And place it askew on a shelf

Someone else’s words in my order
Black in the light can’t compare
To white in the dark

I need to take a nap