This could easily turn
as you might expect
having known me as you do
into a list : seventeen
ways or just seventeen
individual items

but then without doubt
the unintended negative
might creep up
from the dark roots
where it has long stayed hidden

because when I met you
my phone was still attached
to the wall and it was hard
to get comfortable
had to stay put pick lint
from corners
long conversations when we part
but this is not a list

of change or sameness
The dog, only five, maybe four
looks quizzically asking when
can we go wags
then loses interest in an itch
but now he’s back
with his wet nose on my wrist
more evidence of us

The new dryer tumbles
The air conditioner switches on

I don’t remember life before you
before this life we have become
something unpredicted
beyond reason
flying along together
with the mad hundreds
of thousands on our way
to where