seeing hooks


a trusting fish

hasn’t learned to see hooks

in shimmering worms

though she’s been warned

and wounded


many a fisherman

have admired her big mouth

and glistening body

as she’s preyed carelessly

on jesus bugs

did you know

mature male jesus bugs

could mate 30 times a day

if they could pin down

30 females

because the females resist

males use hooked antennae

to grab their lovers by the eyes

being eye-locked makes them

easy prey

especially to the quick strike

of a thrusting fish

a trusting fish thinks nothing

of consequences

she likes to graze the light and air

unable to breathe

it makes her feel new

every time

she’ll be caught and thrown back

caught and thrown back

caught and thrown back

but for now

she’s a trusting fish

who’ll never know

when the next worm she tastes

will transform

and finally eat her