There she is.
With her flawless skin and beauty mark.
There she is.
With her lashes intact and her brows on fleek.
There she is.
With her slim waist and thick thighs.
She has curves in all of the right places.

There she is.
With her 28-inch Brazilian wavy hair.
There she is.
With her red bottoms, her bloody shoes.
There she is.
Accessorized from head to toe.
She looks like she could grace the cover of Vogue.

There she is.
Smirking as men gawk at her beauty.
There she is.
Intrigued by all of the “unwanted” attention.
There she is.
Smiling and flirting like she is quiet and kind.
She is the woman that a man wants by his side.

The same woman who is,
Is also the woman who isn't. 
As she strips off the layers of her falsehoods…
Her insecurities,
Her fears,
Her doubts,
Her kindness,
Her perfected plastic image.
She infiltrates the mind of man 
Making promises she cannot keep,
Using man for all she can get, as if she can’t do for herself.
Covertly laughing at his vulnerability.
What a man sees is not always what he gets
When he looks through rose-colored glasses.