My Love, there’s only you in my life

I was so excited.  You finished your meeting early and I couldn’t wait to see you.  Oh, how I missed you so.  The thought of you in my arms and the smell of your perfume consumed my thoughts.  I took my time to get dressed- putting on the outfit you liked.  Oiling my skin and spraying my favorite cologne.  After, I ate breakfast, I headed to the airport and found the perfect parking space.  I walked across the walkway and into the bottom level of the airport.  I waited there for your plane to arrive and then I heard screaming and chaos.  Flight 93 from Newark, NJ was hijacked, and it apparently crashed somewhere in Pennsylvania.  I looked at my phone-this couldn’t be the flight you were on.  I saw a new text you sent me with 3 words- “I love you.”  I scrolled up to see the flight information you sent me and there it was- Flight 93.  I don’t remember much else as my whole world went dark.


I woke up with a start.  I had this same dream many times before and I didn’t want to wake up from it.  I just couldn’t move on.  I know what the Psychiatrist and the doctors say, but they don’t understand.  You are the love of my life and I just can’t live with you.  I can’t believe you are gone at the hands of terrorists.  You will forever, be my endless love!



It’s my life

The Pope has made his stance on same-sex unions.  Why does this bother you so?  You say to me, “I believe the Holy Bible and marriage is between and man and a woman.  We are to go forth and multiply.”  I say, are you living in the old testament and part of concubines or are you living in the present day?  Homosexuality was not listed in scripture until the 16th century with the King James version and he was known to entertain men.  You say, the Holy Bible is the KJV.  I say, did you know that this was the slave ‘s version of the Bible that had pages torn out?  It was given to the preachers on the plantation to teach us how to be good slaves.  You say all unrighteousness is sin and we are not to be satisfied with sin.  I say, what sin are you talking about?  Same -sex marriage?  Show me in the Bible where Jesus condemned this?  Last I checked, Jesus said “You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength.” Then he added, “The second is equally important: Love your neighbor as yourself. No other commandment is greater than these” (Mark 12:30-31)


So, take your hateful words, your judgements and your self-righteousness and throw it in the Rivers Styx.  I am not bound by your fiery verdicts-You tell me there is a speck in my eye. Look in the mirror, I think I see a 2×4 beam