Play it smooth

Play it cool it’s going to be alright…

don’t let them play you for a fool 

Keep your sight on your light…

It doesn’t matter what they say,

If they will or they might

your truth is just for you

no such thing as wrong or right

There is no time…

nothing is real in this life…

who gives a fuck what they say

act as if you have no ears

Walk Tall Stand Strong

so what, i look like this….

to scared to look me in my face, then it’s my ass you kiss…

 I’m going to smile the whole time cuz I ain’t mad at you

i have the power to still love you and not give a fuck about you

as above so beneath

makes so much sense to me

I can hold you way up here and you’ll still be underneath my feet…

truth is it doesn’t matter what it is you do


 of CHAOS is to strengthen you…


out of the darkness comes light

so play a cool

an play it smooth

I create my world alright…


Christina Smith