When I look at others what do I really see?

 Is it the picture in the picture staring back at me?


Do I silently attempt to flee its shadow as it eerily follows me?


The big picture is bold and brazen as we incessantly stare,

Peering into the hearts of others curiously wondering what is really there!


Is it me that I am afraid to see, knowing that but for the grace of God that self imposed affliction could be haunting me?


Who is in that picture hanging aimlessly on the wall, or the one placed inconspicuously in the hall?


Are we afraid to look us in the eye, fearing that what we see is really the truth and we have been perpetrating an intrinsic lie?


Does my glass shatter that reflection that I think that I see, or does it embrace it as I polish it and continue to lie to me?


Do I see the image in the mirror as a fairy tale, or am I so out of touch with me, that, heck, I can’t really tell?


Picture In A Picture!


Melvin “Chief” Lars