I can't get a grip on my feelings

they just keep running away

I tried to distance myself

but those damn feelings made me stay.

I tried to live in the boundaries of reality

Because sometimes things aren't the way they seem

but my heart wants to be wild and free

Pretend life is but a dream.

In the midst of this confusion

my mind is saying, "Don't be a fool!"

But those damn feelings

wrote their own set of rules.

I can't get a grip on my feelings

they're so Headstrong

then they make me cry

when I hear that stupid song.

They leave me high and dry when they all get hurt.

Should have kept them uninvolved

and just let them mine do the work

but when that happens one of them always pouts

if you had let us get involved you probably wouldn't have missed out.

So what's up with these feelings they are really making me trip.

I can't control my feelings but I need to get a grip.