Tall boots caress her thighs. She struts through the house,


Gathering articles of love. The surprise party is coming together.


Mother arranges memories around the house. Baby boy unsuspecting.




Glitter flip flops, tattered jeans. Curly gold afro crowns the queen’s head.


Gumbo gathering good smells wafting. Snow Ball fussing at the door.


Brother’s coming soon.




Lace-up front black high heel ankle boots, Sister looking good for the evening.


Quietly watching smiling, laughing. Grieving her husband’s death, deep pain in chest.


Ministering to younger women on the verge of marriage. Living in faith.




Dapper brown and orange loafers, black and blue Nine West socks.  Sitting, listening


Taking it all in. Nothing gets missed. Sweet Mama nearby. Tapping to the music.


Straight vibing to classic R&B.




Little feet. Toes wiggling in grass. Soft carpet. Up the stairs and  down.


Energy emanates palpably. Ready for whatever. Too young for romance.


 Surrounded by love and family .