Steroids cocktails, metallic flavor, Viagra rush;

Mind numbing mush!


Sightless vision, cloudy comprehension, silent violence,

Whimpering massagony;

 A blood curdling hush…


Nervous perspiration, brain freeze, lactic acid rush;

Gray matter atrophy flush!


Dissipating oxygen burn, synapses firing twinge,

Amnesiac causing binge; constricting pyro nerve ending singe;

Ascend to the black hole rush…


Epidermal twitch, vitamin Eglitch, inhale and exhale switch,

Marauding bicep, involuntary tick…


Bulging disc, brain-teasing peroxide, attention deficit;


Word nerd…   Hard body…  Flex and discern…


Secret genius?…


Mind Muscle…


Melvin “Chief” Lars


2:10 pm