“Mind Muscle”

Author: Melvin “Chief” Lars

Intriguingly challenging, “Mind Muscle” is not your ordinary poetry, it has been often referred to as “conversational” dialect; and respectfully said to be, comparable to the world’s greatest poets ‘in the persons of; Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou.


It has an intrinsic awakening that invokes the reader to not only “converse” with the author, but prompts the reader to “employ” a proverbial ‘third’ eye!


“Mind Muscle”, juxtaposes; thought, process, anger, joy, confusion and sensationalism, simultaneously…!


Three (3) of many reviews:

 “Mind Muscle” conveys to the reader deep wells of inspiration. Each piece is thoughtful and well-written. These poems are powerful, strong (like a Maya Angelou or Langston Hughes even). Dr. Mattie J. Mosley, Professor Library Science; Louisiana State University – Shreveport, La.


Mind Muscle is unique in that the poems are thought provoking and covers a wide spectrum of reality that is written in an entertaining format. Dr. Larry C. Daniels; Director, David Raines Medical Center and clinical Professor, Louisiana State University Medical Center.


I found Mind Muscle to truly be "a Poet's Song to 'The Keys of Life'."

   Mr. Lars' poems are thought provoking – providing intense thought, self analysis, and analysis of mindsets, actions and societal trends.  At the same time, the writings are enjoyable, entertaining and touching.
His writings also come from the heart, exemplifying the kind-hearted,
caring and world-saving individual that he truly is.

There is advice for everyone to be found within his touching Mind Muscle Poetry.


 Patricia S. Johnson, Ed.D.