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Tori Lyons
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For most children, their future jobs were doctors, firemen, and princesses. I kept a lifelong dream of being an artist. 
During my adolescent stage, my goal was to save enough money to open up an art summer school during my summer vacation. I saved up money from birthdays, lunch money, and money I would find off the ground. While in real school, I was well ahead of my class, so my teacher would let me sit at my desk quietly. During that time, I made mock-up color sheets, basic classroom rules, and “how to draw” guides for every student that would attend my school. I successfully raised the money in the summer of 2004, and bought classroom decor, art supplies, and snacks at the local dollar store. I created a full blown schedule and transformed my entire 11- year old room into an art room. I was very proud. Unfortunately, the only student I received was my 4 year old sister, and she could barely write her name.
With all that being expressed about my past, it is very apparent how strongly I love art. It is an absolute dream of mine. I give over 100% of effort to my clients as an artist. In today’s culture, everything is always about politics, hatred or war, and these subjects are so loud and in our faces on a daily basis. I believe that art can also loud, but could make a positive impact on this culture. I also believe I can be that person that will make impactful art. I want to be known for art that is so strong, that people stop to look at it, and actually think about it. I want my art to create a positive atmosphere everywhere it’s hung or seen. I do not want fame or fortune for my art in life, I want powerful and passionate intentions in my art.


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