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Sophia Tolliver
Artist Statement

Lately, my work has been process focused and I am enjoying experimenting with materials although acrylic ink is a steady favorite.  Recent work has been primarily focused on a process whereby the paintings begin without sketches or prior planning and simply go straight in with ink to board.  After creating some initial brush strokes I begin to pull out the textures and shapes I am reacting to most strongly and build up forms, composition, and sometimes story from there.  Similar to seeing shapes in clouds.

Despite this beginning in abstract shapes, I am strongly inspired by subjects of natural history specimens such as skulls; stories; and the natural world.  I am especially drawn to the way shadows pool in the eye sockets and crevices of skulls and their unusual, weathered shapes and take pleasure in creating a sense of mystery in my work.  I enjoy the almost collaborative aspect this creates by letting the paintings spark the imagination of viewers.  It brings the process full circle with viewers pulling meaning from the imagery similar to how I pulled meaning out of the abstract shapes at the start of the painting’s life.


Artist Bio:

Sophia is a state-certified art teacher and artist dedicated to bringing quality art education to the budding artists of Desoto Parish. She owns and works at Little Brick Studio in her beloved village of Grand Cane, where she paints and holds a variety of art classes for all ages.  She also teaches Talented Art students at Desoto Parish public schools.  She has previously worked on a variety of projects including film, children’s publishing, and graphic design.



Selected Resume:

Artist/Instructor/Owner of Little Brick Studio | Grand Cane  (Present)
Talented Art Teacher | Desoto Parish Public Schools (Present)
Designer for annual Spirit of Fall Fest | Grand Cane
Freelance Illustration/Animation for MGM Pictures
Production Intern on Academy Award Winning short The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore
Production Intern | Howdy Ink, LLC
In-house Graphic Designer | Centenary College Police

Full Resume:

Full Artist Resume | Updated September 5th, 2021


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