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Since childhood, art has become my world that I have attempted to control. Lacking the physical prowless of other neighborhood friends, I fould solace in the world of art. Early influences from comic books and newspaper cartoons laid the foundation for my earliest creations. Whether pen, pencil, marker or brush, I have only scratch the surface of the wonder and beauty of artistic creativity.Now influenced by the vehicle art of the 70’s, airbrush art has captured my fascination. During my brief business career I have been challenged with adorning my art to the likes of B52H bomber aircraft, guitars, guitar case, car seat covers, temporary airbrush tattoos, refrigators, vehicles, notebook binders just to name a few. I have even adopted the motto “Virtually Anything on Virtually Anything” as my business slogan. Nothing is safe at my house!  Hence forth my house is called “Simsonite Creations Rushn 2 Airbrushn”.As God created the world I only wish to be able to feel a mustard seed of what it is like to “create something from nothing” ! Rod Sims 2013


Born Rodney K Sims is a self taught airbrush artist that enjoys utilizing airbrush techniques with mixed media on a variety of surfaces such as metal, fabric, illustration board etc. I enjoys subjects involving humor, animation, science fiction and comics. Originally a comercial art major with a minor in advertising, I thought my life was planned out fairly well but life has a way of taking the scenic route. A 20 year detour through the Air Force jungle lead me astray from the art world. The only painting I was involved consited of office walls, buildings, parking lots, crosswalks and various military aircraft. For two decades the thrist of artistic creativity always beckend my existence. Different little projects popped up from canvas mural to graphic designs on sheet metal. The highlight of those projects was the four multi organizational murals located at Barksdale Air Force Base Accessories Flight Building in Bossier City Louisiana.


AirBrush Art


Air Brush Art

Airbrushing is the art of using an airbrush to mix air and paint, creating a fine mist that can be applied to nearly any surface.

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Found this old video I use to use on my website. Thought I'd share it. Enjoy!

Posted by Simsonite Creations Rushn 2 Airbrushn on Wednesday, August 21, 2019

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