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After breaking both wrists in a motorcycle accident several years ago, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever be able to use my hands without intimidation, and devoid of pain. Already working in the field of graphic design, I wondered what would I do for sustainability. The blessing was having friends and family close by to support the road to recovery. It was a very humbling experience that I don’t take lightly. After a 25-plus year hiatus and inspiration from my son, I am truly THANKFUL to be painting again.

You will see a very “diverse” group of works from me. This is the way I pay homage to my rural upbringing – while adding new ways of expression in my more contemporary works. It is my way bringing what “was” into a life of what “is” and always growing. Using my early childhood days and a love for “the old and the new”, Visual Arts has afforded me that opportunity to SHARE…to SERVE in another creative capacity.




• Barnwell Arts & Garden “Pencil Art” Exhibit 1990

• Father/Son Exhibit 2015/Southern University African American Musuem

• SUMAS African American History Exhibit 2017

• SRAC Artwalk Exhibit 2018 (Downtown)

• H.O.S.T.S. Exhibit August/2017

• CRM Studios 2015-2016

• Hayter-Reynolds Exhibit 2018

• Vivian Jr. High Black History Show 2018

• Barksdale Air Force Base Featured Artist 2017

• SRAC Collectors Exhibit 2018

• Conception Arts Show 2018/Dallas

• Artspace “Holidaze” Art Exhibit 2018

• SRAC Arts Entrepreneurial Class Exhibit 2018

• Agora Borealis/Fairfield Studios Exhibit 2019

• Conception Arts Show 2019/Dallas

• SRAC Artwalk Exhibit 2019 (Architectural)

• Bossier Parish Community College Exhibit 2019

• H.O.S.T.S. Exhibit June/2019

• Downtown Shreveport ARTWALK

• Art Entrepreneur Class Speaker



• Semmie and Bertha Buffin

• Henry E. Price

• Dennis and Debora Bailey

• Joey and Terrice Blackwell

• Kerry and Carol Coe

• John and Alana Belton

• Brandy Evans

• Jason Maggio

• Jonathan Williams

• Murray and Pat Viser

• Russell and Pamela Stovall

• Sharon Jones



• Renoartio Top 10 Award

• Renoartio Top 25 Award

• Shreveport Logo Design Winner

• Scott Griffin Honorable Mention

• SRAC Collectible Artist

• Arts Entreprenuerial Class Speaker

• I-49 Overpass Art Design Winner

• Conception Arts Featured Artist

• “Artist at Night” with Tad Inaugural Interview



• Shreveport Regional Arts Council

• Conception Arts

• SRAC Roster Artist

• Theatre of the Performing Arts

• Bossier Arts Council



• North Caddo High School

• Mississippi Valley State University (B.A.)



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