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Artist statement: Patrick Raffaelo
I fill my paintings with mental ideas, visual references, emotions and energy. Art is subjective… if you
like it, then that’s all that matters. I take my time on a painting… there is no immediate rush to finish
it. Sometimes I will look at my work, subtract part of the paint, and then add something else. I know
that a painting is finished when I feel that I have given it all I have. My paintings are full of colors, composition,
textures, and values so that they give pleasure to me and, hopefully, to others.
My audience consists of all those who enjoy experiencing art. I continue to be passionate about my
painting—after all these years. Sometimes I leave it for a while and participate in other creative
endeavors, but I always get back to it—usually with a fresh zeal. I’m inspired by the paintings of
others, but I also get excited about the challenge of trying something new. I get real joy out of
completing a painting and feeling good about what I have on the canvas. In some of my abstract art,
the end result is not exactly what I had in mind when I started. However, I’m usually happy with the
outcome and always hope that others will be moved by it and see more facets of it as they continue to
enjoy it over the years.


My career has been mostly in sales and administration. I have been retired for twenty years. I do work part time for the Bossier Sheriff and City Marshals departments in patrol and security.I am married and live in Benton, Louisiana for the past five years.I have over 30 years of art experience. Mediums are: oil, acrylic, watercolor.Professional training by Sandy Rabbitt, Mattie Kenney, Dr.Zsohar, Dorothy Killman, Bob Rohm and others. My exhibits over the years were with Arts Council of Fort Worth, Fort Worth Community Arts center, The Montgomery Street Gallery, ArtQuest, Art and Frame Gallery, Henderson Arts, and others.