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Howdy y’all. Proper introductions seem to be in order. My name is Ynigo Montoya. No, wait. That’s not right. My name is Frank Montellano. Last name is pronounced Mawn-tea-Yawn-oh. I’m originally from L.A., CA and now hang my hat in NW LA.
What I write: I’m a writer of fantasy, some horror, and the occasional sci-fi if I’m feeling froggy. But mostly fantasy. That’s where I live and breathe, among the magicians and wizards and elementals and TtGBitN. My favorite authors are Moorcock, Gaiman, and Zelazny.
Tales: My stories have appeared in several anthologies (more than I can count on one hand and yes, before you ask, I have all my fingers). I have a few short stories out for free to any Kindle Unlimited subscribers out there and 99 cents for the common folk. My goals are to release more short stories, at least until I get a baker’s dozen out there. Then the goal will be to combine them into a short story collection. While that is going on, I do editing for pay and fun, and I am also endlessly working on a three-book fantasy series.
Marketing: My marketing game is very weak, but I have a full-time job that I love and will continue to work at until this writing thing pays off. I have a blog:,an amazon author page, a FB author page, and some other stuff out there.
Assistance: I get paid to edit but do I trade reviews for reviews of similar length materials.
Famn Damily: I have four kids. I also have an amazing wife. She writes too and may join us in here someday, but fantasy is not her thing. She likes to write about murders and such. Maybe some romance in there too. But never at the same time.
If you’ve read this far, here are some amazingly cool tidbits for you: I am a goat, literally. Well not quite literally, but I am a retired United States Navy Chief, and we are known as goats, so yeah, there’s that. I’ve been kicked out of an entire country before, but don’t ask, the memory is too painful to share. Lastly, I’ve climbed Mt. Fuji (I’ve also learned what the wise men say about Mt. Fuji, but in order to learn the secret you have to climb the mountain too. Then we can talk).
Howdy Y’all!


Frank S. Montellano

2527 Brown Circle, Bossier City, LA 71111 318-754-9237

Mission: I am a life-long learner and retired military professional looking to share my passion for all subjects

Education: B.A. in Liberal Studies, summa cum laude (2001); Cal Poly Pomona, CA; Awarded Julian A. McPhee Honor Award for Student Excellence; M.Ed., Curriculum Design (2005); Cal Poly Pomona, CA; Educational Leader 1; Redesigning Lessons, Re-envisioning Principals (RLRP) Program 2014-2015

Writing: The Craigslist Killers (short story, 2020, self-published); The Legacy (short story, 2018, self-published); Black Char & the Crystal Caves (short story, 2018, self-published); Pirates & Demons (short story, 2017, self-published); Short stories have appeared in four seasonal anthologies and one charity anthology from Wolfsinger Publications (2015-2016).

Artwork: Photography, digital artwork, photomanipulation. Artwork has been used in several publications.

Teaching Experience: 20 years total.

California 2001-2011, grades 4-12, various public schools, all subjects.

Louisiana 2012-Present, various charter and public schools, grades 6-8, charter school vice-principal, 3 years.

Military Experience: 24 years United States Navy (Retired). Aviation Electronics and Public Affairs. Tours included: Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, and South Korea.



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