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ML Dumars
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Writing is an act of rendering deep observations. I recreate minute details of simple life and the complex characters who live them. My works expose the possibilities of relationships influenced by stereotypes, spiritual beliefs, sexual orientation, and ethnic bias. The characters are challenged and transformed by extraordinary events in ordinary settings, earthly and celestial. Many of my short stories draw from small town experiences in rural black communities. These characters reflect real and imagined reactions to conflicts in everyday life.  Through my exploration of life in small black towns and villages such as Natchez, Louisiana, I form a backdrop for vivid personalities to thrive.


“What If?” published in Up All Night anthology

Garden Writer for SB Magazine 2014-2016

“Cultivating Knowledge” performed at SRAC in 2015

Storytelling at SRAC in 2016 & 2017

Short stories and poems published in Fleur de Lit Literary Magazine 2017-2018

“Growing Up Country” published in Short Edition Digital Storylab 2018


Recent Literary

Any Given Tuesday

My debut novel, Any Given Tuesday, is the story of a young woman suffering from amnesia, who finds herself stranded in Shreveport, Louisiana. She is taken in by a kind-hearted waitress who tries to help her remember, until she becomes the suspect in a crime. When she suddenly disappears, suspicions and questions abound.

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Recent Literaries

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Debut novel Any Given Tuesday available now!


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Cultivating Knowledge

Growing Up Country

What If

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