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Lucia Woo
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As the youngest child of an immigrant family in Hong Kong, my childhood was not entertained by fancy toys or enrichment activities but Japanese Manga. I was so inspired by it, I self-taught how to draw. However, my passion for drawing was never much encouraged. After years of working as a graphic designer, I went to Canada to pursue my art education. After I graduated, I lived between Hong Kong, Canada, and now the United State.

I always feel a sense of out of place living among different nations and adjusting to their cultures. I also struggle to express my feeling using unfamiliar languages. Art has become my “fire exit” since young to escape the feeling of alienation. It also becomes my voice to share my inner thoughts. I am fascinated by fantasy infused themes and subjects, mythologies, and folktale. I enjoy the most in painting and drawing portraits and the human figures.


Discipline Exhibitions in Canada 09/02
One-of-a-Kind-Show, Toronto0 5/02
Graduating Student’s Show, Art Space 04/02
A.C.A.D. Graduating Students’ Show, Illingworth Kerr Gallery, ACAD11/01 2001 

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