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I was 19 when I first started sharing my poetry with the world. When I say world, I really only mean my close friends and family. Or at least that’s what I intended. After a spontaneous moment of compiling the poems I stored for years in my Notes app onto a random self-publishing website, my first book 9teen was born.
Before long, I began hearing from people much further from my comfortable, congenial circle than I ever anticipated my poetry might dare to reach. Old acquaintances, friends of friends, strangers, even. It was as if people were suddenly standing at the bottom of this void I had been shouting into for years and they were actually… listening. It meant so much to me that these people who owed me absolutely nothing would take time out of their day to hear these melodramatic little moments of mine. That they might even see themselves within the lines of my solemn declarations.
So I kept going. I kept writing and I kept sharing my writing. 3 years later, I have released two more poetry books and I’ve learned so much since then, both about myself and others. Aside from the life experiences I’ve maneuvered along the way and the new writing style I’ve grown into, I learned that my emotions are not lonely ones. At least not nearly as lonely as I felt on the days in which I wrote them. In fact, these emotions were shared. From person to person. From heart to heart. From new college friends to fathers of old classmates.
People have told me that my poetry sparked something in them…made them feel seen… made them feel like they were a little less alone. Hearing this made me feel that way, too. You see, I once thought I was the only one who saw things the way I did, who felt things as deeply and struggled as intensely. I thought my feelings were exclusive to me and something I should probably hide from people if I could at all manage.
But then I took a risk. I shared my heart with the world, and in return, they opened theirs to me. That is why I am here today, continuing to write and share my most vulnerable moments with the people kind enough to listen. I think that in this ever so perfidious world we live in, it’s the most honest thing we can do.


Recent graduate from Louisiana Tech University, receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with a concentration in Journalism. Currently employed at the Shreveport-based digital marketing agency Digital Logic where I work as a content writer and SEO strategist. Familiar with search engine optimization, practical reporting, news and feature writing, copy editing, multimedia production and editing, social media management, and several other areas of mass media communications.
I am a talented, hardworking, versatile writer and artist with heart and determination. Professional experience writing magazine articles, profile pieces, press releases, blog posts and news stories as well as personal experience selling digital art and poetry. More than anything, I have a passion for telling stories through my words and art and I believe I possess a unique talent for it.

9teen: A self-written and published poetry book sold through (
A Kind of Metamorphosis: A self-written and published poetry book) sold through Amazon KDP. (
Clarity: A self-written and published poetry book sold through Amazon KDP. (

Content Writer & Strategist | Digital Logic | Shreveport, LA | AUGUST 2020 – PRESENT

Assists in strategizing, researching, and writing SEO content for digital marketing campaigns
Curates social media graphics and writes coordinating captions
Schedules social media posts across different platforms
Works closely with web development team to create and deliver client-approved content

English & Writing Tutor | Remote | MARCH 2015 – MAY 2020

Helped students of all ages dramatically improve their writing and English/grammar skills by proofreading and critiquing papers while explaining the reasoning behind critiques
Proposed ideas and helped students follow through with implementing these ideas

Technology Business Development Center | Louisiana Tech University | Ruston, LA | SEPTEMBER 2019 – FEBRUARY 2020

Worked closely with the director of Tech’s Enterprise Campus to create news blasts, press releases and news articles
Interviewed the CEO’s of businesses, including a biomedical engineering company, located on Tech’s campus and subsequently wrote articles detailing their work
Promoted, attended and interviewed participants at entrepreneurial events conducted by the center

Staff Writer | SPEAK Magazine |  Ruston, LA | SEPTEMBER 2017 – MAY 2019

Pitched story ideas with fellow staffers
Contacted and conducted interviews with sources
Completed several stories for the magazine within a designated time frame
Worked to promote and distribute magazines on campus and in the local community

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