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Jennifer Hendry
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For me, painting is a way to simplify and declutter the chaos in my head and filter it onto the canvas. The subjects of my paintings are filtered through my knowledge, intuition, experiences and feelings and are transformed into something I find beautiful and intriguing. When I’m painting the outside world fades away, my inhibitions are shed, and I feel free and lost in my own world. My work allows me to present myself to the world in a less awkward way than I naturally feel.

In my more recent flower paintings I take what I find most beautiful in the world and put it to canvas in a way that to me exaggerates the natural beauty of the subject. I want my paintings to evoke happiness in the owners and viewers of them because they are for me meditations on happiness and the beauty of nature.

I paint with oils and acrylics. Sometimes starting a painting in acrylic paint and finishing with oil. In my abstract and collage work I use both of these as well as pastels, inks, pencils, crayons and whatever else I have at hand that suits me.


I’m a self-employed CPA, self taught artist and a dog lover.


Solo Exhibition, Rhino Coffee Bar, Shreveport, LA 2020

Discipline Exhibition, Red River Brewpub, Shreveport, LA 2020

Artist Up Discipline Exhibition, 2020, Shreveport Regional Arts Council, Shreveport, LA

“Critical Mass 2020”  Artspace, Shreveport, LA

“Bloom 2020” Norton Museum or Art, Shreveport, LA
“Critical Mass 2019” Artspace, Shreveport, LA
“Bloom 2018” Norton Museum of Art, Shreveport, LA
“Bloom 2017” Norton Museum of Art, Shreveport, LA
“Critical Mass 2017” Artspace, Shreveport, LA