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I started becoming interested in art at an early age. As soon as I could use my hands I began creating. Once I started school my elementary art teacher was drawn to my artistic expression and I started entering Artbreak. Once I moved on to middle and high school, I began being challenged even more and took on intermediate art classes. All the experiences and teaching from different teachers and influences has really effected my art. I feel with exploring and traveling in your mind, and learning about different cultures it has really effected my art. Taking art history classes in college under Darrell Chitty, really helped me go deeper into my pieces. I like to think my interest in becoming a photographer has changed the way I look at painting as well. I take bits and pieces from everything I learn and my surroundings and that’s how I breathe life into my art. This is the reason I developed my style of abstract art. I look at women around me, and they become my muse for my art. The way their hair is, their shape, their regal-ness. And then I exaggerate their features because that’s what I think makes the women I’m surrounded by, the women I paint, the women I learn about absolutely unique and gorgeous in their own way. As long as I get a response from my art, whether good, or not, my job has been done. I want to be seen as not just a Black artist, but an Artist. I honestly think it is my reason for living, to create.


Jasmine Giles

Shreveport-Bossier City 


Hello, my name is Jasmine Giles, I currently reside in Louisiana. I’m 26 years old and I’m an abstract artist and portrait photographer. I have been in the photography field for about 7 years, and I’ve been a painter for just about my whole life. In 2016, I graduated with an AAS in mass communications and photography. I also studied journalism/broadcasting and digital arts within my major. I am great at interpersonal communication and I’m a great communicator and hard worker when it comes to my skill.


Visual Artist Freelance October 2013 – Present


Bossier Parish Community College Associate of Arts and Sciences – AAS, Mass Communication/Media Studies 2013 – 2016


Communication •   Fine Art   •   Photography   •   Adobe Photoshop   •   Adobe Lightroom   •   Digital Art   •   Social Media   •   Mass Communication

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