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Heather Blue
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I never would have imagined myself a visual artist. Growing up a performance artist, I have always loved visual art & wished I could create something concrete that sparked emotion . As I graduated from rebellious teenager to a functioning adult of society, Life happened. Work, bills, relationships, struggling with direction, the Roller Coaster of living. My creativity screamed for an outlet.
Settling down, getting married, and having kids was something I’ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember.  Little did I know it was going to be the most challenging thing in my life. As a stay at home wife and mother you tend to loose a bit of who you are and slowly become the cook, maid, accountant, event planner, chauffeur, doctor, therapist, and all the other aspects of life that need tending to for a family to function. I still had a creative thirst that I tried to fill in various ways but could never quite quench it for long because my family came first. As the day-to-day happenings of life would would keep me busy I began to realize not only was I struggling to quench a  creative thirst,  but I was struggling to keep a lifeline on who I was as a person. I woke up one day and felt like Heather Blue was someone from my past that I didn’t really know anything about.
When first introduced to fluid art I found it compelling but also very intimidating because my anxious and controlling head screamed I couldn’t handle one more thing on my plate. It took one try and I was hooked. The amount of control I had when mixing my paints all when out the window when I poured onto the canvas. I became obsessed with creating and pouring and perfecting the entire process. I not only felt invigorated but I felt excited to actually create something beautiful.  Painting became my therapy, it gave me meaning and purpose. When I started getting consistent results and began studying this art form more closely, I also learned to let go a little and accept that things don’t have to be perfect. A lesson that maybe simple for some but hard for others is to accept the things you cannot change, know the things you can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
People have asked me what my art “means” to me or what “statement” does my art make. The truth is it’s the other way around, my art makes me “mean” something. It means I’m more than my daily never ending responsibility of keeping my family moving forward through life. My art shows that the creative spark I pushed aside for so long still helps define who I am.  I am Heather Blue, a Fluid Artist and I love to paint.


Shows and Exhibitions

June 2020 “Reawakening” Red River Brewing Co. and Sanctuary Glass

June 2020 “Contained 2” East Bank Gallery, Bossier Arts Council

May thru July 2020 Rhino Coffee Uptown

April thru July 2020 “Critical Mass 8”, ArtSpace

January 2020 “#50@$50”, NCLAC

June 2019 Rhino Coffee Uptown

March thru May 2019 “BLOOM”, The R.W. Norton Art Gallery

March thru May 2019 “Critical Mass 7”, ArtSpace

Feb thru March 2019 “Show Us Something Mister”, 1800 Prime, Bossier Arts Council

Feb thru March 2019 Mental Health Art Exhibition, Donna Service Gallery, BPCC

February 2019 “#50@$50” NCLAC

November 2018 “Contained” East Bank Gallery,. Bossier Arts Council

July 2018 Rhino Coffee Uptown

June 2018 The Shreveport Club

May 2018 to current STEM Lunch and Events


Awards and Honorable Mentions

2020 3rd Place “Contained 2” Bossier Arts Council



Fairfield Elementary Magnet PTA 2020

NCLAC 2020

Fairfield Elementary Magnet PTA 2019

Shreveport Crime Stoppers 2018

Fairfield Elementary Magnet PTA 2018

University Elementary PTA 2018