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Dawn Ash
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My name is Dawn Ash and Art has always been a part of my life. I love trying new techniques and use drawings to accent what I have painted. In some of my work I have drawn first and then filled in parts with paint. Most of my work is painted first however.  Sometimes I plan the painting to begin with and come back in with ink. Sometimes I just randomly throw down watercolor, see it dry and then draw on it to accentuate parts.  The drawings are never planned ahead of time, I just slip into a meditative state and go with it. I hope to communicate the relaxed feeling of movement. The fun part of my work is the images and representation of images in the drawings.  I often draw abstract images and ask what others see in the image. Sort of like a Rorschach test. I really enjoy interpreting other people’s creative or emotional response to my work.   


Lsus Bachelors Degree in General Arts
3 years working in Graphic Design
7 years in Hoover Watercolor Society 
5 years Hoover Watercolor Society Board (editor
3 years on Shreveport Art Club Board (editor) 
Member on  Roster artist for five years
A member of The Shreveport Art Club, Bossier Arts Council, Shreveport Regional Arts Council Roster Artist, and Doodlewash (online group)
Recipient of many Awards in previous groups Art Shows.


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Roster Artist
Private Discipline