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Darrell Chitty
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Art is all around us but tragically very few see or appreciate it.

Just as once was said of Monet, “He is just an eye, but what and eye”,  I have dedicated my life to seeing beauty and then capturing it in music, with photography, on the painter’s canvas, in book and even into the beauty of man.  One trade publication described me as the “New Old Master” because of my ability to see and interpret art in my own unique and yet timeless fashion.  My desire is to encourage others to do the same.

…And yes, true art takes discerning and loving
eyes that certainly can see into the depths of
the soul……



Award-winning artist Darrell Chitty—tugboat builder, musician, pilot, professional photographer/painter, community activist— is a real Renaissance man whose never-ending quest for new knowledge and techniques leads him into the future of art as well as into the past. His books and art showcase his varied talents; some portraits and landscapes you’d swear were Old Masters and some have been executed in the most modern of art forms, oil, pastel, wax, etc.

With masters degrees in both business and art Darrell transitioned from shipbuilding into photography where he was selected twice as the top photographer in Louisiana.  Twenty five years later he picked up the brush and canvas and now calls this home.

He is a retired college professor of art and graphic design but still enjoys teaching and mentoring others.  Darrell loves Louisiana and  has written two art books on the beautiful community of St. Francisville and is presently writing another book on the diversity we find in Louisiana.

In a totally different direction Darrell is touched by the suffering experienced from homelessness, poverty and crime.  He dream is to serve others by restoring hope and the sense of fulfillment in lives.  His personal ministry, “Be The Difference” targets Bossier’s highest crime and poverty-stricken communities with the desire to make the world a little bit better than it was before he entered it seventy-four years ago.